Co-Founder’s Vision

Tarun Singh Shekhawat is Chief Executive officer of Radialrust Technologies and Media Services Pvt. Ltd., a parent company of 11 Sixes and Since Independence.

Tarun at the early age of 20 founded the Radialrust Technologies and Media Services Pvt. in the year 2015 along with his brother Yogendra Singh Shekhawat. Radialrust Technologies & Media Services Pvt. Ltd. is a Digital Marketing & Software Developing Company.

The duo always had a desire to put an end to fake and biased news, being circulated via different communications mediums owing to different agendas. Hence, to contribute to putting a curb on such deceptive information they started their own news wire, with an aim to deliver information in its very true form. came into physical existence on October,10, 2018 with the launch of its news portal. An online news portal, providing its services in both Hindi & English. It delivers & broadcasts news of all genres, both national & international, regardless of the country of origin or religious & political belief as it aims at providing real, Independent & unbiased news.

Following his passion for sports, especially cricket, and with a desire to go right off the bat, he launched in the year 2020. 11 sixes embark on an interesting yet successful story. Being a techie, he has been looking for a large industry that had something to do with the internet i.e. Online Fantasy Games – the most obvious business that came to his mind. He moved forward with the idea that turned into a successful business today.

The roping in of megastar Randeep Hooda as its brand ambassador has acted well in reinforcing the organisation’s credibility as an incentive on the lookout. 11 Sixes, today has millions of users in India.

One of the major impacts of the pandemic has been on the livelihoods of the middle-class, and thus Tarun has been focusing on creating more and more employment opportunities. As believed by him, it’s truly essential to come up with core values that one can focus on. Everyone on the team plays an equal role, he added.



What Is Radialrust


100+ Team Members

The Radialrust Team is made up of 100+ people, working together from our different bases, to help support clients around the world.


Founded in 2015

Radialrust was founded to provide more affordable, flexible, and dependable graphic design for businesses needing marketing content.


5+ Products

Radialrust Designers get to work on a wide range of projects every day. So far, we’ve worked on over 15000 design projects for our Products!

Our Value


These Values give us the foundations we needs.

Great Product starts with a Great team


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Admin Manager



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